About Us

Pamlico Packing teamPamlico Packing Co. is one of the oldest seafood companies in North Carolina. It was established in 1941 in Vandemere, N.C. by Mr. Earl Holton. The business under Mr. Holton operated initially as an oyster and finfish processor but within a few years the shrimp fishery became equally important to the business and local fishing communities. In 1976 Mr. Holton sold the business to Ed Cross, a Raleigh “transplant”, who knew nothing about the seafood business but loved the local fishing industry and its people.

After surviving a few lean years with very little shrimp and fish being caught, Mr. Cross decided in 1981 to diversify the business by building a crab processing plant. Its purpose was to process North Carolina crabmeat, which became known as Pamlico Packing Co., Inc. The crab plant grew from 15 local employees to reaching a peak of over 110 full-time and seasonal workers. The company also expanded into the foodservice business offering fresh and frozen North Carolina seafood deliveries to restaurants and retail markets throughout the Carolinas.

Once again in the early 1990’s it became obvious there was a need to diversify so the company purchased a second processing facility and installed freezing equipment that is used for flash-freezing (called “IQF”) shrimp and other seafood. This was the early beginning of our effort to produce and market the best tasting shrimp in the world, which is packed under our flagship brand currently “Carolina’s Finest Seafood.” This effort continues to grow today, and we hope we have helped consumers recognize that North Carolina shrimp are one of the most premium quality shrimp in the market. We want consumers to know when they buy North Carolina shrimp they are also supporting the fishing communities throughout eastern North Carolina. This support is vital when competing against ultra-cheap imports that make it difficult for domestic fishermen and processors to survive.

Pamlico Packing StaffIn 1996, Ed unofficially retired even though he continues to work today.  His two sons, Doug and Don, now manage the business and the company has expanded into other areas of the seafood industry including importing and exporting as well as preparing to introduce a new line of value-added seafood products. Pamlico Packing Co. is considered THE premier supplier of fresh and frozen headless shrimp in North Carolina.

We understand that some customers require a broad selection of seafood from around the world, so we make every effort to maintain inventory according to their needs. While Carolina’s Finest Seafood is considered THE source for North Carolina fresh and IQF headless shrimp, we also supply restaurants, retail markets and wholesalers with a large choice of North Carolina seafood and other U.S. east coast delicacies. These include fresh and pasteurized North Carolina crab meat, soft crabs, head-on shrimp and a large assortment of fish. Please review our products page for more information about North Carolina fresh shrimp and the many other species of NC seafood we have to offer.

Pamlico Packing Co. is constantly striving to improve our customers’ seafood procurement experience. One of the main cornerstones of our success is the ability to deliver to our customers only the highest quality seafood in the market with consistent product net weights and counts. Our NC fresh seafood will exceed expectations every time.

Our family offers you, the customer, a wealth of market knowledge and experience that will enable you to make sound, money saving decisions that will help increase your business’ profit margins. For complete details and to learn how you can start reaping the benefits of offering North Carolina fresh seafood to your customers please contact us today.